Coronavirus COVID-19: Latest updates

Many council services are reduced or disrupted. Check our coronavirus page for the most up-to-date information. Read the latest and sign up for updates.

Request a council housing repair

Reporting a repair or reporting a breakdown and COVID-19

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, staff within Repair and Investment are working hard to ensure that we continue to deliver essential emergency services to our residents alongside keeping our staff visiting safe.

We will therefore be providing a reduced service, focusing on where there is an urgent need. We have set out below a list of urgent repairs we will undertake:  

  • Total or partial loss of electricity
  • Unsafe power, lighting socket or electric fitting (Consider to be Category Code 1 Repair)
  • Broken Lift
  • Fire alarm activation
  • Door entry phone not working
  • Total or partial loss of water supply
  • Loss of gas supply
  • Loss of heating and or hot water services where no back up supply is available
  • Blocked flue to open fire or boiler
  • Blocked or leaking toilet or toilet not flushing (where you have no other working toilet)
  • Blocked bath, basin or sink
  • Communal blocked drainage
  • Serious Leaking water pipe, heating pipe, tank or cistern, where the water cannot be shut off
  • Tap that cannot be turned on or off at all
  • Regaining entry if you have lost your key and Lock changes – you may be re-charged for this service
  • Insecure external window, door or lock we will board
  • Make safe dangerous structures, such as ceilings, walls and chimneys
  • Flooring or stair repairs where there is a Health and Safety issue
  • Loose or detached bannister or hand rail where there is a Health and Safety issue
  • Serious leaking roof which is not containable
  • Serious Pest infestation
  • Mould Wash by exception where serious circumstances warrant

Should you be vulnerable or an OAP and need something other than this list carried out, we will make an assessment when we speak to you,and try and help if we can.

As part of making sure that we can attend your home safely, we’ve implemented the following changes:

  • We will ask you when booking an appointment if you are unwell or self-isolating
  • We will contact you to run through some questions BEFORE we attend your home. If we leave a message for you, please ring them back urgently.   
  • When we do undertake a repair, we will ask you to respect social distancing guidance and stay at least 2m away from our member of staff. Our preference would be that you wait in another room whilst the works are carried out
  • Staff visiting your home will ask you if they can wash their hands upon arrival and before leaving
  • There may be occasions when our staff need to use Personal Protective Equipment such as gloves, masks and overalls if necessary.

Our telephone lines are exceptionally busy at this time and we would ask you to only contact us in an emergency. 

To arrange for a non-emergency repair, please complete the online repair form below. We cannot at this stage offer you a confirmed appointment as we are currently having to adapt our job planning on a daily basis.

It will be necessary for us in the short term to re-arrange or cancel some non-urgent repairs.

Request a non-urgent council housing repair online

Please note - under your tenancy conditions, you're responsible for various repairs. Find out more about repairs that you're responsible for.

For urgent and emergency repairs or breakdowns, please call the numbers below.  Please note - our phone lines are exceptionally busy at this time:

Please note - we may charge you for repairs to damage caused by your misuse or neglect, for example, if you lose your key or break a window. This is known as a rechargeable repair. Find out more about rechargeable council housing repairs.

What happens next

We'll give you an appointment and a job reference number.

We will call you before your appointment to ask you a set of questions about your current health status.

Our workers wear a corporate uniform and carry Royal Borough of Greenwich ID. Companies working on behalf of the Royal Borough may have their own identification, but we'll tell you to expect them.

If you're in any doubt about the identity of a worker, don't let them into your home and call us immediately on 020 8854 8888.

If you need to contact us regarding your existing repair, please call 0800 052 1183Please note - our phone lines are exceptionally at this moment in time.

How long will my repair take?

We have target times for different types of repairs.

For more information on timescales, read the housing repairs guide (pages 7-9).