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Website availability and standards compliance

As part of our commitment to providing quality web services, we keep a constant check to make sure our site is available and performing well. 

The Royal Borough of Greenwich aims to ensure that the website is available 99.75 per cent of the time, with procedures in place when we do have to take the website off line.

Site visits

We also look at the number of visitors who are using our site so that we know which sections are the most popular. These figures are used to decide whether we need to make changes or add new sections.

These services are delivered by the Royal Borough's Web Team: server monitoring (performance) and site statistics (traffic).

Our website and the LAWs (Local Authority Websites) guidelines

A summary of the information architecture points listed in the LAW guidelines is provided below. Read about how our website conforms to the LAWs information architecture and guidelines.


We aim to make this website accessible to everyone. If you find this site difficult to read, you may wish to consider changing the text size or page colour/contrast using the accessibility control tools at the top of each page.

Accessible coding

Although the website is not fully compliant with all W3C coding rules, we have ensured that our pages transform as gracefully as possible and are coded closely to the W3C guidelines. This should allow the site to be used without style sheets and by people with text-only browsers and screen readers. An example of this level of accessibility is that we avoid using tables for layout and ensure that hyperlinks have meaningful names.

The site is built to HTML 4.01 standards.

Editorial standards

We are committed to ensuring that the information on this website is of the highest standard, being of good quality, accurate and up to date. We are also committed to a content maintenance schedule to ensure pages are reviewed and updated regularly. 

Plain English

All of our content is checked for plain English, and we aim to use a written style which is straightforward and easy to understand.

Our website holds the Internet Crystal Mark awarded by the Plain English Campaign.


Our website is tested on all commonly used browsers. We recommend you keep your browser updated to the latest version as this assists your online security and gives you the best experience. Some documents and webpages may not be fully available to you if you are still using older versions of web browsers such as IE8.