Cover for family members

Being a member of the Local Government Pension Scheme entitles your family to certain protections in the event of your death.

Death grant

If you were to die in service, a death grant of three years' pay would become payable.

You may nominate who you wish your death grant to be paid to by completing an expression of wish form.

Please note that the Royal Borough of Greenwich has absolute discretion about who the death grant is paid to, but we will refer to your wishes expressed on the form.

Download the expression of wishes form

Child's pension

This would be payable to an eligible child.

Surviving partner's pension

Payable to your widow, widower, civil partner or, subject to certain qualifying conditions, a co-habiting partner.

A co-habiting partner is someone you are living with as if you are married or in a civil partnership. To qualify for a survivor's pension, your relationship has to meet certain conditions laid down by the LGPS.