Guide to the Local Government Pension Scheme

When you are employed by the Royal Borough of Greenwich, you will automatically be entered into the Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS).

The LGPS is a national scheme specifically for employees of local councils and other related employers.

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Find out more about the scheme on the LGPS website

Benefits of the LGPS

Here are some of the many benefits of joining the Local Government Pension Scheme:

A secure pension

The pension you receive when you retire is based on the pensionable pay you receive each year. The benefits are fully protected against inflation and guaranteed by the government.

Tax-free cash

You will have the option of exchanging part of your pension to provide tax-free cash upon retirement.

Tax relief

Tax-efficient savings for most employees under state retirement age.

Employer contributions

Your employer meets the balance of the cost of providing your benefits in the LGPS.

Early retirement

You can choose to retire from age 55 and receive your benefits immediately, although they may be reduced if they are taken before your normal retirement age.

Options to increase your benefits

You may pay additional contributions to increase your pension benefits upon retirement.

Life cover benefits

There are provisions if you become seriously ill for your pension benefits to be paid immediately and in the event of your death there may be provision for benefits to be paid to your spouse, civil partner, nominated cohabiting partner or eligible child. There is a ten year guarantee of your pension at the point of retirement.