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Pension fund investments

Investments of our pension fund are made according to the Local Government Pension Scheme (Management and Investment of Funds) Regulations, as amended.

Important documents

Annual report

Regulation 34 of the LGPS (Administration) Regulations 2008 requires administering authorities to prepare a pension fund annual report. This document covers issues such as performance and includes various statutory documents, including the audited accounts for the pension fund.

Valuation report

Actuarial valuations take place every three years. They review the pension fund's financial position and recommend participating employer contribution rates.

Funding strategy statement

This statement focuses in particular on how the costs of LGPS payments are met, the objectives in setting employer contribution rates, and the funding strategy used to meet objectives.

Statement of accounts

These are sets of audited accounts for the pension fund.

Statement of Investment Principles

Regulation 12 of the LGPS requires administering authorities to publish a written statement of the principles governing their decisions about investments. This document is known as the statement of investment principles.

Governance compliance statement

Regulation 31 of the LGPS (Administration) Regulations 2008, as amended, requires administering authorities to prepare a governance compliance statement.

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