Better Together resident events

Better Together dates - Autumn 2019

Date Venue

Plumstead, Thamesmead and Abbey Wood

Wednesday 16 October, 7pm - 9pm

Plumstead Manor School,
Old Mill Road, London, SE18 1QF

Charlton, Kidbrooke and Woolwich     

Monday 21 October, 7pm - 9pm

Charlton House
Charlton Road, London, SE7 8RE

Eltham and Shooters Hill

Wednesday 23 October, 7pm - 9pm

Eltham Library
Archery Road, Eltham, London, SE9 1ha

Blackheath and Greenwich

Saturday 26 October, 12 noon - 2pm

The Forum @ Greenwich
Trafalgar Road, London, SE10 9EQ

No one knows your area better than you do, which is why we want to hear your views, ideas and issues regarding where you live, to help us improve our services.

At our Better Together resident events you 'll be able to help shape your community, share your ideas and get your voice heard about your local area.

Plus there are free offers available to anyone that attends. These are:

  • Plumstead, Thamesmead and Abbey Wood event: Free Swim at the Waterfront leisure centre from 16 – 23 October
  • Charlton, Kidbrooke and Woolwich event: Free Swim at the The Greenwich Centre from 21 – 28 October
  • Eltham and Shooters Hill event: Free Swim at the Eltham Centre from 23 – 30 October and a free skateboarding session at Sutcliffe Park Sports Centre, 26 October, 9am - 11am
  • Blackheath and Greenwich event: Free Swim at the The Greenwich Centre from 21 – 28 October

There'll also be a crafts stall if you're planning on bringing your little ones. 

At each event you'll also be able to find out more about what the Council and other organisations can do for you. You don’t have to speak in front of a large group, you can talk individually to staff who can help if you'd rather.

The Leader of the Council, Danny Thorpe, will be chairing each of the events except the events on 16 October and 23 October in Eltham, which will be chaired by Cllr Matt Morrow. Each event will have a panel including representatives from the Royal Borough of Greenwich, Public Health and the Met police.

There'll also be a huge range of stalls where you can find out information about their services. These include:

  • Parks and open spaces
  • Children's services
  • Leisure services
  • Library services
  • Greenwich Local Labour and Business (GLLaB)
  • Waste and street services
  • Housing
  • Greenwich Inclusion Project (GrIP)
  • Peabody
  • Neighbourhood Watch
  • Public Health
  • Charlton Athletic Community Trust

There are four Better Together events this autumn. To make sure everyone has a chance to attend - as we all have different timetable - one of the events is being held during the day on a Saturday, with others in the evening in the week. They will be taking place in four different venues across the borough, so that you can find one that’s the easiest for you to get to.

The timings for the evening events are:

7pm - 7.15pm - Registration
7.15pm - 7.30pm - Welcome from the Leader of the Council, Danny Thorpe*
7.30 - 8pm - Panel Q&A with Danny Thorpe and panel reps
8pm - 8.15pm - stall introduction (each stall will stand up and introduce their service)
8.15pm - 9pm - Explore the stalls!

The events on the 16 and 23 October in Eltham will be chaired by Cllr Matt Morrow rather than Leader of the Council, Cllr Danny Thorpe.

The timings for the Saturday afternoon at the Forum @Greenwich event are:

12pm noon - 12.15pm - Registration
12.15pm - 12.30pm - Welcome from the Leader of the Council, Danny Thorpe
12.30pm - 1pm - Panel Q&A with Danny Thorpe and panel reps
1pm - 1.15pm - stall introduction (each stall will stand up and introduce their service)
1.15pm - 2pm - Explore the stalls!

We're also looking for community champions to help share information with local groups and communities they're involved with. Find out more.

Better Together? We think so.

Find your ward and councillorsDownload the minutes for the Spring 2019 round of Better Together meetings.