Roles of the Leader, Cabinet and opposition

The Leader is the councillor who heads the largest political group represented on the council. 

Following the 2022 elections, the current Leader of the Royal Borough of Greenwich and Chair of Cabinet is Cllr Anthony Okereke. 

The Leader is the most senior member of the council. They lead the decision-making process and directs strategic policy and budget setting. 

The Leader chairs the Cabinet, appoints its members and assigns portfolios to individual Cabinet members. The Leader can also be appointed as an ex-officio member of all executive bodies and is a member of the council's Planning Board. 

The Leader of the Royal Borough of Greenwich is also a central figure in the Royal Borough's relationships with Government and its various public and private sector partners. 

Cllr Okereke is supported in his role by a deputy leader who can stand in for the Leader in most of his duties. 


The Cabinet consists of senior councillors who, like ministers in central government, determine the Royal Borough's strategic management and policy development.

The Labour Party holds the majority of seats in the Royal Borough of Greenwich and is, therefore, the 'majority group'.

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Majority opposition

The Conservative Party holds the next highest number of seats and is known as the 'majority opposition party'.

The Leader of the Opposition (Conservatives) is Cllr Matt Hartley. 

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