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The Woolwich Centre

The Woolwich Centre is open for limited services. You must book an appointment in advance.

See services available at the Woolwich Centre and book an appointment.

February 2022 update 

Self isolation

From Thursday 24 February, it’s no longer the law to stay at home, but it’s still important that you do isolate if you show symptoms so we can avoid, as best we can, any future outbreaks or hotspots. 

Like you would with a cold or flu, be considerate to others and if you’re ill stay at home, rest and recover. 


The Government has announced an end to the free availability of COVID-19 tests for the general public, from April 1.

Free symptomatic tests will still be available for the oldest age groups, and the most vulnerable.

It’s important to remember that if you show symptoms – a new cough, fever or loss of taste and smell – that you stay at home until you feel better.   

End of isolation payment period 

The Government is ending the £500 self-isolation payment for low income workers, but we as your local council are still here to help. 

Through our Together for Winter scheme we still have lots of resources available to help with everything from practical tips to help with energy bills.


Getting your vaccines remains the biggest and easiest thing you can do to keep life moving. Millions of people have had their jabs, and the more people that do the better protected we all are.   

It's never too late to step up and get whatever jab you need.

If you’re unsure, nervous or just want to know more, we can help too. Contact our Community Support Hub today to speak to someone.

Vaccines for 5 to 11-year-olds 

Children aged 5 to 11 can now get their vaccine. Like you would vaccinate a child against mumps or measles, vaccinating against COVID-19 stops children getting ill or spreading the virus to adults.  

Experts on the UK Joint Committee on Vaccination have recommended that all children over 5 get given the vaccine. It follows thorough studies and research and means that more of the population will now be protected.   

Look out for more information on how this will be offered locally. 

Advice if you’re worried

If you’re worried or anxious about these big changes, speak to someone today. Every mind matters and every feeling is valid.   

Whilst many will be relieved, it’s understandable to be nervous too. The NHS has handy tips to manage anxiety and put your mind at ease.    

We are always here to help if you need help or have any questions.