From February 2023, we’ll collect your black top general waste bin every two weeks.  

Your blue and green top bin will still be collected weekly.  

Our bins come in two sizes, 140-litre and a standard 240-litre.  

Most people already have a standard size bin. But if you have the smaller one use this form to request the 240-litre bin.  

If you’re happy with the size of your current bin you do not need to complete this form. 

Once you’ve requested a 240-litre bin 

You do not need to do anything once you’ve completed this form.  

We’ll review all requests and aim to deliver your bin before February 2023.  

We’ll tell you in advance when your new bin will be delivered so we can collect your old one at the same time.  

Request a new bin if yours is missing, stolen or damaged 

You must use our other form to request a replacement bin.