Grant Applictions up to £6,000


About the fund

Applications are welcome until 31 December 2021, subject to availability of funds

Please note that the fund is awarded on a first come, first served basis and may run out before the end of the year. To check if funding is available please call the Council on 020 8921 8390 or email before submitting your application.

The Community Arts Fund supports a range of music, theatre, dance, performance projects and participatory outdoor arts and events. The fund aims to stimulate participation and engagement in the arts within the Royal Borough of Greenwich whilst encouraging partnerships between established organisations, community groups and schools wherever possible. When assessing your application, we will be looking for a good spread throughout the year and across the borough.

The fund aims to support activities that:

  • Delivery new arts and cultural projects and programmes
  • Encourage active participation in the arts by a diverse cross section of the community including young people, older people and under-represented groups within the Royal Borough of Greenwich
  • Create participatory work that animates the town squares and outdoor spaces; attracting local audiences primarily in Woolwich, Eltham and Plumstead
  • Develops partnerships between local cultural organisations, networks and groups
  • Encourage delivery of community-based arts and cultural programmes and projects

Who can apply?

Registered charities, community groups or non-profit making organisations which are:

  • Based within the Royal Borough of Greenwich
  • Based outside of the Royal Borough of Greenwich but applying for a project that will take place within the Royal Borough and involve and benefit residents

Applicants are only eligible to receive one Community Arts Fund grant during this funding period (ending December 2021).

How much can you apply for?

Groups/organisations are invited to apply for grants up to £6,000. Applicants are only required to submit one application form. In addition, up to 50% of the funding requested from the Royal Borough of Greenwich can be allocated to cover infrastructure costs

Who cannot apply?

Who we will NOT fund:

  • Schools or educational establishments, including colleges (applications should be submitted by the cultural organisation/group on their behalf)
  • Any maintained organisations or departments within the Royal Borough of Greenwich
  • Organisations based outside of the Royal Borough for work that has no direct benefit to residents

What we will NOT fund:

  • Projects that do not have a strong arts/cultural component
  • Activities which have already taken place (we do not fund projects retrospectively)
  • Activities which have no public benefit for residents of the Royal Borough of Greenwich
  • Projects, activities, performances or exhibitions which take place outside of the Royal Borough of Greenwich
  • Activities which promote a political, religious or extremist view
  • Activities placed in a formal education setting as part of the core curriculum
  • Recurring or on-going projects costs such as regular workshops or duplication of existing provision
  • Finance related to: regular core running costs, website maintenance/development, loan repayments, VAT, budget deficits, endowments, study or training fees
  • Fundraising events, activities for private gain, or that result in profit being made
  • Promotional videos or films