You are applying for a Test and Trace Support Payment.

You will need the following evidence to hand to complete this application

  • Your NHS Test and Trace number. This is your unique account ID number which will be in the text or email you received from the NHS Test and Trace Service
  • The dates that you are required to self-isolate for
  • Evidence which you can upload of being in employment or self-employment
  • A copy of your bank statement dated within the last three months, which you can upload so that we can make a payment into your bank account

In addition to the above applicants applying for a discretionary payment must supply the following information:

  • Full names, dates of birth and national insurance numbers for everyone living in your household. Please do not include details of other people in your property if they are not members of your family or if they are not your partner; and
  • If you are self-employed - details of any expenses you or your partner incur as part of your self-employment; or
  • If you or your partner are employed- confirmation of how much you and your partner usually take home per month; and
  • Confirmation of any other income you or your partner may receive including student income; and 
  • Confirmation of how much savings you and your partner have and attach corresponding bank  statements as proof

If you are not able to complete the online form, please call us on 020 8921 3322 for assistance. If you will have difficulties providing the evidence requested, please explain why on the claim form.

If your application is successful, we aim to make payment within 48 hours. This is a taxable payment, and we will notify HMRC that we have made the payment to you.

We are receiving a large number of applications. It may take longer than usual to process your application.

There will be post-payment verification checks to ensure that the information provided is correct. If it is determined that you were not entitled to the payment, you may be asked to repay the payment to the Local Authority.