If the noise is happening at the time you are reading this, please call us on 020 8921 8921.

In many instances you will be offered advice and we will endeavour to resolve the problem by initially contacting the source of the noise in writing. We are risk assessing reports of noise and will prioritise those complaints that are impacting on more than one other neighbouring address.

There are some noise issues that we are unable to deal with under statutory nuisance legislation as below:

  • Traffic, trains and aircraft
  • Children playing inside or outside the property
  • DIY activities during daytime or early evening
  • Household appliances being used during daytime and early evenings such as vacuum/washing machines.
  • Some unavoidable general domestic (household) noises, particularly between properties that are attached to each other – e.g. footsteps, doors closing/slamming or noises of an intimate nature, use of light switches, toilets flushing (i.e. complaints of very short-term, irregular, unpredictable noise)

Use this form to make a complaint to us about unreasonable noise in Royal Greenwich that does not require an immediate response

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