Published: Wednesday, 23rd March 2022

On 5 May 2022, Royal Greenwich residents, along with the rest of London, will be voting for their new ward councillors. Residents must register to vote to have their say.  

Deadline to register:   

  •  You must register to vote by 11.59pm on 14 April   

Once you are registered, if you want to vote by post or proxy instead of in person at a polling station, you must let us know by:   

  • Vote by post – apply by 5pm on 19 April   
  • Vote by proxy – apply by 5pm on 26 April   

For the first time, voting will happen in the Royal Borough of Greenwich’s new wards, following a boundary review in 2021. This means some people will be voting in a different polling station and ward to the one they are used to.   

Debbie Warren, Chief Executive of the Royal Borough of Greenwich said: “It takes just five minutes to register to vote, and you’ll be playing your part in our democratic process. If you are eligible to vote, register now.   

“Our wards are changing so please, if you’re voting in person, check your polling station as this may have changed too.  

“Whether you vote in person, by post or by proxy – don't miss your chance to have your say.”   

To register to vote in the local elections, you must be:   

  • 18 or over on polling day   
  • a UK, Irish, EU or qualifying Commonwealth citizen.    

If you have changed address since the last time you registered, you will need to re-register at your new address.   

The Council will be updating its website with the most up to date election information, including live updates on polling day. Shortly after results have been counted, the Council will announce its elected members.   

Take five minutes and register to vote now.