Published: Thursday, 3rd December 2020

We’ve just published our first ever digital strategy to transform council services.

It explains what we're going to do to make the Royal Borough of Greenwich a truly digital council and a truly digital borough over the next four years and beyond. 

We want a borough where everyone can access the services they need, using the best method for them, this includes residents who don’t or can’t use digital tools. This isn’t a plan to implement new technology for the sake of it, but to totally rethink and improve our resident, visitor, business and staff experience through simpler, better services and tools.  

The strategy sets out how we plan to build new resident services online, use technology to change how we work, and build sustainable digital skills. Council staff will have technology to help them to do their jobs more efficiently and we’ll move towards more sustainable ways of working, for example, by reducing how much paper we use.  

Cllr Danny Thorpe, Leader of the Royal Borough of Greenwich, said: 

“It’s a privilege to be leading a council that’s at the start of a digital transformation journey. The Digital Strategy is bold and builds on our corporate plan to realise our ambition of being a more equal, healthier, better skilled, greener and wealthier borough.  

We know not everyone is confident with technology, so this strategy – and the work that comes from it – will make sure nobody is digitally excluded. Residents will be able to get what they want from us the first time they try, whether that’s online or not. This transformation will make services better for everyone in Royal Greenwich.”  

Meeting the needs of residents will be at the heart of the transformation and we’ll be led by data to help us to make decisions that are in the best interests of our residents. Internally, we’ll leave behind the era of ‘big bang IT’ in favour of in-house platforms, and we’ll use agile methods to work as one team across the council.   

We’d like you to read the digital strategy and tell us what you think. You can email any questions or comments to 

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