Published: Monday, 26th October 2020

Last year we asked residents and visitors whether you would support a change in Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) banding levels across the Royal Borough of Greenwich. Just over 75% of you said you would.

Seventy-four per cent of you who filled in the consultation also told us that you have been personally affected by illegal parking in the borough. Common issues included footway parking, parking on zig-zag markings outside schools and dangerous parking. 

Across London there are two levels of PCN penalty charges, Band A and Band B. Band A charges are higher and are used to achieve better compliance with parking laws. They tend to apply to areas where demand for parking is high and in areas considered to be more sensitive to illegal parking.  

Currently, only Greenwich Town Centre and Greenwich Peninsula are zoned as Band A and the rest of the borough is zoned as Band B. This means that motorists who commit a parking offence in Greenwich receive a higher fine than motorists who commit the same offence in other parts of the borough. 

As a result of what you told us we applied to London Councils to ask that Band A charges be extended over the whole of the borough to further discourage illegal parking, and the application has been approved. From 1 November illegal parking anywhere in the Royal Borough of Greenwich will carry a £130 or £80 fine depending on the type of contravention. 

Cllr Jackie Smith, Cabinet Member for Community Safety and Enforcement, said: 

“Illegal parking is dangerous in many ways, not least because it impacts people walking and cycling to get to where they need to go safely. It can damage footways and other areas not designed for parking and have a serious negative effect on disabled people. I welcome the rebanding of PCN charges, and looking at the results of the consultation, so do you!”