Published: Monday, 14th October 2019

As the country unites to say no to hate crime this week, we are celebrating the rich diversity in Royal Greenwich and sending a reminder that hate crime will not be tolerated.

Home Office figures show hate crimes have risen nationally since 2014, and this year’s National Hate Crime Awareness Week, which runs from 12 to 19 October 2019, is reinforcing the message that there is no place for hate in the UK.

A hate crime is any criminal offence that is motivated by hostility or prejudice towards someone’s religion, race, sexual orientation, sex, disability or transgender identity.

Cllr Jackie Smith, Cabinet Member for Children’s Services and Community Safety said: “We value and celebrate diversity in Royal Greenwich. We believe no one should be targeted because of who they are, and we remain committed to tackling hate, extremism and intolerance in whatever form it takes.

“We encourage anyone who has experienced a hate crime to report it. The police take hate crime very seriously and you can report a non-emergency to them by calling 101 or visiting a police station. In an emergency always call the police on 999.” 

Hate crime can affect the health and wellbeing of individuals, which is why we have commissioned services like the Greenwich Inclusion Project (GrIP) and Stop Hate UK to provide free support and advice.

Illustration of lots of people from all walks of life standing together in solidarity. A sign in red and white reads Royal Greenwich stands together, against a light blue background.


Sandra's* story

Sandra is a resident in the borough, who experienced hate crime at the hands of her neighbour, but has since received support from GrIP and the hate crime has stopped, she said: “Hate crime doesn’t help anyone - this is the truth, from the experience with my neighbours.”

Sandra was able to access legal advice from GrIP and was encouraged and supported to discuss and report her experiences. Through intervention with GrIP, the police and the Council’s tenancy and enforcement teams, the hate crime stopped.

Sandra said: “GrIP have been very helpful, they provided good and reliable advice. They represented me in a good way at every meeting and helped me at every aspect. They never rejected a call or postponed. I really appreciate what they did and how they stood by me.”

Support is available

GrIP works to ensure people receive the support they need after experiencing a hate crime  –  contact them on 020 3747 9862 or visit

You can also report hate crime and access support from Stop Hate UK – they operate a 24 hours a day phone line on 0800 138 1625.

*Name has been changed to protect identity