Published: Thursday, 20th December 2018

Statement from Cllr David Gardner, Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Children's Services and Schools

“The Regional Schools Commission has written to all parents at The John Roan to inform them that the University Schools Trust has decided not to go ahead as the sponsor to turn The John Roan into an academy.

The Regional Schools Commissioner is now in the process of considering alternative sponsors and its panel of head teachers will make the final decision as to who the sponsor will be. This decision will be made and announced to everyone by the February half term.

The school has a strong leadership team in place, and the Council will continue to support the Head Teacher, who Ofsted recognises is making improvements, particularly in terms of behaviour, personal development and teaching and learning.

The Secretary of State has decided that an Interim Executive Board will take over from the Governing Body.  This will be made up of experienced, senior school leaders, the Council’s Director of Children’s services and the current Chair of Governors, who is a parent of a child at the school.  The Regional Schools Commissioner hopes that the new Executive Board will provide some much needed stability whilst the process of academisation continues.

Whilst the Council strongly opposes forced academisation, the Secretary of State has confirmed that the University Schools Trust’s decision will not halt The John Roan’s academisation and there remains a legal duty on the local authority to facilitate the order.

I have a huge amount of sympathy with the pupils, parents and of course the staff who are caught in the middle of an incredibly difficult situation.

We do not want schools to be academised, but we will work with all schools in the Greenwich family as our responsibilities to get the best outcomes for our children irrespective of the type of school they attend.”