Royal Greenwich encourages LGBTQ+ foster carers ahead of Pride

Monday 27 June 2022

The Royal Borough of Greenwich is encouraging more people from our LGBTQ+ communities to consider fostering as we try to build a loving, inclusive borough filled with happy families.

This Pride week we’re reminding people of all sexualities and genders that they are welcome to join our fostering community.  

Councillor Matt Morrow, Cabinet Member for Children and Young People, said: “We want our young people to grow up in happy, loving families. The most important thing for any foster carer is having the time and patience to care for a child when they need a home most.  

“Your sexuality and gender have nothing to do with whether you can foster a child with us. We have a diverse network of foster carers that all do an incredible job of looking after our children.” 

There are hundreds of young people in our borough that need a home. Royal Greenwich foster carers get expert support, competitive allowances and ongoing training – could you be the next person to change a child’s life? 

You can contact our fostering team for free by calling 0800 052 1499 or emailing   

Find out more about fostering here.