Council pays tribute to retiring foster carer after two decades service

Tuesday 2 August 2022

The Royal Borough of Greenwich is paying a fond farewell to one of its most dedicated foster carers after over 20 years of support.  

Linda Eddison has fostered with us since the late 90s but sadly we’ll soon be saying goodbye as she prepares to retire after two decades of caring for local children and young people.   

Linda, who used to work for the Council, began fostering after an old colleague asked her to be a reference.  

Currently caring for a baby, Linda said: “I looked into it and thought it was for me, and after speaking to my partner I found out he had always wanted to do it as well so we went for it. That was the late 90s and I’ve never had any regrets.”

Foster carers provide children a safe and caring home when their biological family cannot take care of them, either on a temporary basis or a more permanent one. 

Linda, now nearly 70, has fostered several children and young people and made a huge impact on their lives. 

Linda said. “We cared for one little boy and he didn’t want to leave us! He said that was the best time of his life. That’s why we do it. That makes it feel worthwhile.  

“It’s not the money you do it for, you do it because you want to make a difference. When they still come back to see you after 19 years, it’s so rewarding.” 

Speaking about some of her favourite memories, Linda said: “We have a caravan and we’ve taken some of the children down there. It’s amazing that some young people haven’t even seen the sea.” 

Now preparing for a life without fostering, Linda has some advice for people who are considering growing their family.  

“It’s not all rosy,” she said, “But go for it. Children are never born bad, it’s the things that have happened to them since that cause issues. We understand that and we try and make a difference. My advice is to never give up, never give up on young people." 

Councillor Matt Morrow, Cabinet Member for Children and Young People, said: “I want to thank Linda for her selfless work and dedication to children and young people in care. We’re blessed in Royal Greenwich to have people like Linda in our fostering community.  

“There are hundreds of children in care in Royal Greenwich and we always need more people to consider fostering. Contact our friendly fostering service on 0800 052 1499 to find out more.” 

Find out more about fostering on our website.