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To ensure all nominees are suitably prepared to submit a nomination form, please find the questions you will be expected to answer, as well as word counts below.

Opening Section: (200 words)

1 - Please write a short piece to introduce your business to the judges. Include some history and background, what products and/or services you provide and what success you have had in the last 12 months.

Generic Questions: (150 words)

2 – Tell us about your business strategy and your plans. What challenges are you anticipating, what new products / services you are planning to launch, what are your expectations for staffing and turnover.

3 – Tell us how you meet the needs of your customers to ensure excellence in customer satisfaction and service, and how you measure this.

4 – Tell us what differentiates your business against others in the borough and why you think you should win this category.

Specific question for chosen category (150 words) – as you cannot nominate yourself for the Business Champion Award, this category does not appear below.  

Micro to Small Business Award
Please demonstrate how you have used creativity and innovation on limited resources to sustain or grow your business.    

Culture and Creative Excellence Award
Please tell us how you have used creativity and innovation to sustain or grow your business.

Greener Greenwich Award
Please give an example of your business’s  most effective  green practice and how you have used this to make a positive impact on the local environment.                     

Medium to Large Business Award
Please show how you have used good business practice to provide growth and a positive influence on the local economy.

High Street Retailer Award
Please show how you provide a quality product or service to deliver good value for money and a great retail experience for your customers.

Online Business Award
Please tell us how the use of your website has helped your business improve profit and efficiency.

Social Enterprise Award
Please provide some examples of how your business gives back to and enriches the local community.    

Please note: To apply for this category, you need to be a not-for-profit organisation.

Apprenticeship Employer Award
Please provide information about your commitment to developing apprenticeship opportunities for local people.

Young Entrepreneur Award
Please demonstrate how you have transformed a great idea into a profitable local business, achieving your objectives and overcoming any obstacles.

Other information

Nominees can insert two pictures in PDF format and you will need to tick a box to consent to RBG to use your pictures in our material

Nominees can also complete an Equal Opportunities form

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