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When you need a skip licence

You need a licence from the Royal Borough of Greenwich to keep a skip on the roadside. You cannot get the licence yourself - a skip hire company has to apply for the licence. 

The council has an approved list of skip companies and you will need to approach one of these companies, who will then apply for a licence on your behalf.

A standard skip licence will normally be valid for one calendar month.

You do not need a skip licence to keep a skip in your front garden or driveway. If doing so, you will not have to use one of the skip companies on our approved list, and a licence from the Royal Borough of Greenwich will not be required,

In a council estate or communal area

To have a skip on council housing land, you must apply for a licence by contacting the Tenancy Team by emailing 

The licence covers skips up to six yards in length.

Licence fees and charges

The standard licence rate for approved skip hire operators from 1 April 2024 to 31 March 2025 is £74. What you pay depends on what the skip hire company charges you.

Any unlicensed skips, and skips which are not conforming to our regulations, will be subject to a charge of £179 per skip to be paid by credit or debit card. Photographic evidence will be used to facilitate our claim, should any legal proceedings occur.

If a skip is located in certain parking bays, Parking Services can charge you by the day for using the bay.

Apply for a skip licence

Skip companies can apply and pay for a licence using our online form.

Do not use this form if you are not an Royal Borough of Greenwich Approved Skip Company.

Apply online for a skip licence

Skip location and size

The skip company will agree with us the safest place to put the skip on the road, bearing in mind your requirements. It is not always possible to site the skip where you want, but we aim to get it as close as possible.

Each skip must not be more than three metres by two metres in size.

Report a problem

If you have concerns about overloaded or unlicensed skips, you can report it by contacting the building licences team