Make an application

It's the applicant’s responsibility to ensure that the correct licence is applied for. Make sure you have read the relevant information below if you are unsure as to the type of licence you require.  

Licence holders and managers (if identified) can be the landlord, manager or another person or body who has control of the property. They must:

  • be over 18 years old
  • pass the 'fit and proper person' test
  • not live abroad
  • not be in prison

If any of the above apply then another person or body will need to be appointed as the licence holder and manager (if identified).

Before you apply

Information you need to provide

The form will ask you for some details. It may help save time if you prepare these in advance:

  • credit card or debit card details for payment
  • registration number if you're a company or charity
  • professional landlord organisation membership or registration number if you're a member
  • application reference of any other Private Rented Property licence (HMO and/or selective licence) you have with the Royal Borough of Greenwich
  • the licence holders address will appear on a public register of HMOs we are legally required to provide - you may therefore wish to consider an alternative address, for example a business or PO Box address (you cannot use the HMO address unless the licence holder is a resident)
  • manager contact details if you appoint someone to manage the property - the address you give for the manager will appear on a public register we are legally required to provide, you may therefore wish to consider an alternative address (you cannot use the licensed property address unless the manager is a resident)
  • contact details of any mortgage company, joint freeholder and other interested parties in the property as we need to inform them of your application.

Documents you need to provide

The application form will ask you for the documents you'll need to submit. It will save time if you prepare electronic versions (such as a scan or photograph) of these in advance.

For an HMO application, you must provide:

  • building/property plan including measurements and any fire detection present
  • DBS for the licence holder
  • DBS for the manager (if different)
  • electrical certificate (EICR)
  • Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)
  • gas certificate (if there is a gas supply)
  • current tenancy agreement

For a selective licensing application, you must provide:

  • building/property plan including measurements and any fire detection present
  • DBS for the licence holder
  • DBS for the manager (if different)
  • electrical certificate (EICR)
  • Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)
  • gas certificate (if there is a gas supply)
  • a current tenancy agreement

If you are applying for a discounted rate you will also need to upload: 

  • Lease Agreement with Royal Borough of Greenwich for AST 
  • Accreditation confirmation and membership details 

Failure to provide these documents will mean that your application cannot be processed and will be rejected. The fee you paid will not be refunded if this happens.  

If you regularly require either a standard or enhanced DBS, we recommend using the DBS Update Service. This service is provided by the government for an annual charge of £13. It allows you to obtain your DBS certificate at any time without having to apply and pay again. This does not work for basic disclosures.

At a later date you may also be asked to provide (if applicable):

  • property inventory
  • portable appliance testing certificate
  • fire risk assessment

Keep your certificates up to date

Most certificates have an expiry date and may need to be renewed. For example, your annual landlords gas safety certificate and fire alarm certificate. It's your responsibility to keep your certification up to date and we may ask to see these as required by the conditions attached to your licence.

To apply, complete the online form and pay by credit or debit card. 

Apply for an HMO licence

Apply for a selective licence

After you apply

If you do not need a licence, the application form will tell you and you'll receive a confirmation email. If you need a licence and have completed your application, you'll receive a confirmation of your application and payment.

Once we've received your complete application, we aim to process it in 12 weeks. Due to the high volume of applications, we may not be able to process your application within this time frame. If you have an urgent query, email

A full and complete application consists of an application form, initial payment and all required documentation. If an incomplete application is submitted, we'll reject the application and you will need to apply and pay the full fee again. The payment made is not refundable.

We'll issue a proposed licence with the licence terms or the reasons we cannot grant one. We'll consult with all bound and interested parties in the property, including the Fire and Rescue Authority. After the consultation, we'll then issue or refuse to issue the licence. You'll receive full details of this process in your confirmation email.

If we have not decided on your application in 52 weeks from receipt of a full and complete application, tacit consent will apply and you will be able to operate your HMO as though we have granted your licence unconditionally. In exceptional circumstances we may extend this period once.

The applicant will be notified of the reason and time period of the extension if granted by the Head of Service. An extension cannot be longer than 12 weeks from the expiry of the initial 52 week period.

The HMO licence conditions will cover the main regulations and standards you must meet. In some cases, they may also require the manager to go on a training course or restrict occupiers from using some parts of the building.

We will inspect every property that has a licence, to make sure they comply with all requirements and licensing conditions. We'll inspect higher-risk properties first. The level of risk depends on factors such as property condition, how it's managed and its previous history.

You must ensure there are no Category 1 Hazards within the property for the term of the licence.