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Term dates 2023 to 2024

School terms and holiday dates are shown here for the school year beginning in September 2023. These dates apply to all community nursery, primary, secondary and special schools.

In 2023/24 pupils should attend for 190 days (or 380 half sessions).

Schools which close for local elections are required to extend the summer term or coincide it with an 'inset' day.

Academies, free and voluntary aided schools have similar dates, but it is recommended that you check with individual schools.

Term one

Term time: Monday 4 September to Friday 20 October 2023.

Half-term holiday: Monday 23 October to Friday 27 October 2023.

Term two

Term time: Monday 30 October to Thursday 21 December 2023.

Christmas and New Year holiday: Friday 22 December 2023 to Friday 5 January 2024.

Term three

Term time: Monday 8 January to Friday 9 February 2024.

Half-term holiday: Monday 12 February to Friday 16 February 2024.

Term four

Term time: Monday 19 February to Thursday 28 March 2024.

Easter holiday: Friday 29 March to Friday 12 April 2024.

Term five

Term time: Monday 15 April to Friday 24 May 2024 (except May Day bank holiday on 6 May).

Half-term holiday: Monday 27 May to Friday 31 May 2024 (spring bank holiday on 27 May).

Term six

Term time: Monday 3 June to Wednesday 24 July 2024.