Planning your discharge from hospital

If you're going into hospital as part of a planned admission, or even if you're admitted during an emergency, it's a good idea to make a plan for when you go home.

You need to think about:

  • Getting home - speak with your nurse if you need support getting home
  • Suitable clothing and footwear if you don't have any with you in hospital
  • Making sure you have a key to your home
  • Making sure you have food at home
  • Making sure your home will be warm enough when you return
  • What support your carer or family members might need
  • Restarting any private care arrangements

Your support needs

If you feel you need support before going home, the Hospital Integrated Discharge Team will meet with you and your carer or family. This is an opportunity to discuss any difficulties you may have, and any support you may need.

Depending on your particular needs, there are options available. These are designed to help you stay as independent as possible.

The outcome of your assessment will help to decide if you're eligible for a service, and which of the following services you may be referred to:

Intermediate care units

  • Intermediate care units provide ongoing health and social care support to continue your recovery after you have been discharged
  • Placement is dependent on your needs, and may include support from physiotherapists, occupational therapists and other professionals
  • Intermediate care is designed to help promote independence and support you to return home safe

Reablement service

  • Reablement is a service designed for people who have had a change in their circumstances, such as a recent operation or fall, and need extra care at home
  • Support is provided by specially trained workers who will help you to improve your independence by regaining old skills and building new ones
  • Reablement is a short term service and is free of charge

Social care support

If you need support to be discharged from hospital, and you're not suitable for reablement or intermediate care, then we can carry out an assessment of your needs. This will help us understand your circumstances and provide you with the right level of support.

From the hospital we can provide a range of support to help you return home safe. We can then schedule a review to take place once you have been discharged to make sure your services are meeting your needs.

Restart of services

If you're already receiving a service from the Royal Borough of Greenwich, then we can help you to restart this service in time with your discharge. If you feel that your service needs to be increased then we can assess for this too.

Discharge date

Your ward should give you an expected date of discharge. It's important to make sure that everyone involved in your care is aware of this date.

This means that everyone involved can work towards the date and make the necessary arrangements. Please help us make sure your discharge happens as smooth as possible.


Before you're discharged, you'll be assessed whether it's safe for you to return home. If you have any concerns about returning home, please let your nurse, doctor or allocated worker know as soon as possible.