Apply for a dropped kerb near your business

If you have space to park near your commercial premises, you can request a new dropped kerb or an extension to an existing dropped kerb.

You will have to pay to have the new kerb built.

Do I need planning permission?

In certain cases, particularly on principal roads or in conservation areas, you will need to get planning permission before applying for a dropped kerb.

If you think you need planning permission, contact the Planning department.

How do I apply?

Any business user or commercial operator in the borough can apply.

You can apply for the service by telephone, email or by post.

If the site is on a public street, road or highway, please contact the Highways team.

If the premises is on a Council estate, you need to contact the Council's Housing Services team.

If the site is on a red route (which is maintained by Transport for London), please contact Transport for London.

What happens next

Once you have applied for a dropped kerb, an engineer will visit to inspect the site and assess whether the request is viable.

You will receive an estimate for the work and once payment has been received, work will begin.

If your request is denied, an engineer will explain the reasons why.