Check if you're in a controlled parking zone (CPZ)

If you're in a controlled parking zone (CPZ) you may need to have a parking permit.

You can check if a property is in a CPZ by using our postcode checker. Enter the postcode and number of a property in the borough, and the checker will show you:

  • if the address is located within a CPZ
  • the name and hours of the zone.

Please note that the postcode checker does not tell you whether you're eligible for a permit.

Use the controlled parking zone postcode checker

Controlled parking zone map 

The map below shows the different controlled parking zones in the Royal Borough of Greenwich, and you can zoom in to view the streets in each zone. Select a map area to view details of each controlled parking zone.

CPZ boundaries shown here are illustrative. Please also look at the signs at the roadside for exact information on where CPZ boundary lines are placed.