Exemption criteria

A property is exempt from council tax if it is the main residence in the UK of at least one person who has privileges and immunities conferred by one of the following acts or orders:

  • Diplomatic Privileges Act 1964
  • Commonwealth Secretariat Act 1996
  • Consular Relations Act 1968
  • Commonwealth Countries and Republic of Ireland order 1985
  • International Organisations Act 1968
  • Hong Kong Economic Trade Act 1996.

Exemption conditions

The person must not be a:

  • British subject
  • British citizen
  • British Territories citizen
  • British National (overseas) or a British Overseas Citizen
  • British protected person
  • permanent resident in the United Kingdom.

How to apply

You need to send written confirmation of your diplomatic status from your embassy with your application. This must state what class of diplomat you are.

Apply for an exemption on the main residence of a diplomat

Related discount

In cases where the qualifying conditions for an exemption are not met, you may be eligible for a council tax discount for diplomats.