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Discount for people in religious communities

If you are a member of a religious community, for example if you are a monk or nun, you may qualify for a council tax discount.

To qualify for a discount:

  • you must be a member of a religious community where the principal occupation is one or any combination of the following:
    • prayer
    • contemplation
    • education
    • the relief of suffering
  • each person must have no income, with the exception of any occupational pension due to former employment, or capital of his or her own
  • all persons must be dependent upon the community for their material needs.

Please note - A full council tax bill is based on at least two adults living in a property. Discounts do not apply if at least two people over 18 who live in the same property are counted for council tax purposes. If after discounting occupants there remains only one occupant then a discount of 25% of the council tax bill may be given.

Please note - You must continue to pay council tax in accordance with your bill until your discount has been granted. Failure to do so may result in recovery action which could incur costs.

How to apply

To apply for this discount, complete the application form and return it with a letter from the head office of your religious community confirming that you fulfil the criteria.

Apply for the council tax discount for members of religious communities


If the Royal Borough of Greenwich decides not to award a discount, you can appeal in the first instance to the Council Tax team within 28 days of notice of the decision stating your reasons. However you may not appeal against the amount of the discount.

Related exemption

An unoccupied property held for the use of a minister of religion may be exempt from council tax.