Where your money goes 2020/21

Where the Council gets its money (2020/21)

Government funding £155m
Council tax payers £129.5m
Total £284.5m

Where the Council spends its money (2020/21)

Borough services £255.1
Greater London Authority * £27.8m
Environment Agency (flood defence)** £0.2m
Other levies and special expenses £1.4m
Total £284.5m

*The Council collects the Greater London Authority (GLA) precept of on behalf of the GLA from Council Tax payers. More details here.

**The Environment Agency has statutory responsibilities including the management of river defences and flooding and it generates part of its income through a local levy on boroughs .

Services on which money is spent (2020/21)

Childrens Services £88.8m
Health and Adults £87.5m
Regeneration, Enterprise and Skills £15.1m
Communities and Environment £29.6m
Housing and Safer Communities £15m
Finance £19.1m
Precepts and other levies £28.2m
Total £284.5

See a full breakdown of annual budgets

How government funding has changed

Since 2010, the amount of money we receive from government has reduced by over £130million and our costs have risen due to inflation and because more people need to use our services.

There is a national funding shortage for adult social care. Authorities have been able to charge an additional precept on their council tax of 10% for the period 2016/17 to 2020/21. We have our raised precept by 10% over this period.