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Support charges

Housing related support is available to Council tenants and people who live in their own homes. Claimants who have support charges included in their rent, such as emergency alarms, can apply for a Supporting People grant to pay for these charges. We will pay the grant directly to the organisation that provides your support.

More about Supporting People

Extra help to pay rent - Discretionary housing payments

You may be entitled to a discretionary housing payment if you receive Housing Benefit and the benefit does not cover all of your eligible rent.

How much help can I get?

It depends on your circumstances. There are no set rules about how much to give people. It will usually only be paid if you have special financial or personal circumstances and the extra money would help to improve these circumstances.

We cannot pay you more than your eligible rent costs.

Is there anything that discretionary housing payments can't cover?

We can't give you discretionary housing payments to cover:

  • some charges that may be included in your rent that you couldn't get Housing Benefit for, such as gas and electricity, water rates, meals or service charges.
  • any shortfall in your Housing Benefit because you are paying back an overpayment.

How do I apply?

Contact us at and ask for an application form, or pick one up from one of our service centres.

Discretionary housing payments policy

Download the discretionary housing payments policy