Ward Budget Scheme

The Ward Budget Scheme is now open.

About the Royal Borough of Greenwich Ward Budget Scheme

Following the May 2022 local elections, there are now 55 ward councillors representing the 23 wards.

The Ward Budget Scheme provides a financial resource for councillors to become more involved in their communities. The scheme will assist and support local projects and opportunities for improving the social, environmental and well-being aspects of residents living in their wards.

The total budget for each ward is determined by whether it is represented by two councillors or three councillors. Wards with three councillors will have an overall budget of £30,000, and wards with two councillors will receive £20,000. The allocation is to be spent over the four-year electoral cycle.

What can the Ward Budget Scheme fund?

Applications are welcome from community and voluntary groups, charities and schools that benefit residents.

The Ward Budget Scheme can fund projects within one ward or be used to fund joint projects across multiple wards, providing each ward has identified the project to benefit its residents.

Applications must focus on specific projects in the ward which may include:

  • specific items or activities to support local community groups
  • environmental projects to improve and enhance the public realm
  • connecting communities to help reduce social isolation, bringing people together through community engagement and events
  • initiatives that support and promote community safety
  • activities that encourage and promote healthier communities

Please see our interactive map below for examples of projects funded through the current scheme


How to apply

The Ward Budget Scheme will be open for applications on 1 September 2022. If you have a proposal in mind or an idea for a local project which might benefit from a small contribution, please contact your local councillors.

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Previous Ward Budget Scheme and projects

The council has run two previous Ward Budget schemes, during which over 250 projects were supported and nearly £1 million in funds awarded to local groups.

You can find further details of these previously funded ward budget projects either by viewing the ward budget decision reports on our website, or by clicking on the markers in the map below to see what projects have been carried out to date in each ward.

Projects supported during the 2015-2018 ward budget scheme

Projects supported during the 2018-2022 ward budget scheme


Search for previous Ward Budget Scheme decision reports