What is a care plan?

A care plan explains why children are living where they are - in a foster home, residential home, or other arrangements.

It sets out what should happen while the child is living under these arrangements, and what should happen at the end of their stay.

Most children and young people will go home, but a few continue to live with other families and in other homes. Older young people may live in semi-independence units to help them prepare for living on their own.

Care plan reviews

Every looked-after child has an allocated social worker who is responsible for visiting the child on a regular basis to make sure the placement is meeting all of their needs.

The child will also have an Independent Reviewing Officer (IRO).

Regular meetings called Looked-After Reviews are held to review the care plan. These meetings are held by the child's IRO.

Parents are encouraged to attend these meetings and to have as much contact with their child as is reasonable.

Further information

Please contact Children's Services if you would like to know more.

Guide for looked-after children and young people