Support for private foster carers

If you intend to privately foster a child, you must let our Children's Services team know.

You'll need to let us know:

  • a minimum of six weeks in advance
  • immediately if it is due to occur within six weeks
  • where an emergency placement is made, within 48 hours of the child's arrival
  • private foster carers must also tell us when a child leaves their care
  • you will need to let us know why the child has left your care, and give the name and address of the person into whose care the child has moved.

What support can private foster carers get?

We are happy to offer you advice on your rights and responsibilities as a private foster carer, and to tell you what training and support is available for you.

We will also undertake the checks, assessments and visits required by law.

We can also give you:

  • advice about financial help
  • information about any local support networks for carers
  • support from a qualified and experienced social worker in managing the placement and conforming to the national standard.