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Children's centres in Royal Greenwich

Children's centres offer families access to a range of services in one location. Children's centres are located across Royal Greenwich.

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Early years education and childcare provision

This includes:

  • early learning and childcare
  • support for childminders
  • links to local schools and out-of-school activities
  • early identification of children with special needs and disabilities
  • information and advice about childcare services and funding to support childcare costs.

Family support and parental outreach

This includes:

  • family visits in the first two months of a child's life
  • information and advice for parents and carers from Families Information Service about available services, organisations and activities
  • support and advice on parenting and other activities that increase awareness of child development
  • strategies that increase the involvement of fathers.

Children and family health services

This includes:

  • antenatal advice
  • mental health and emotional support
  • help to stop smoking
  • information and guidance on breastfeeding, hygiene, nutrition and safety.

Careers advice

This includes:

Children's centres can also provide many other services depending on local needs and parental choices.