Raise awareness of young people's issues

There are different channels you can use to share your views on issues affecting young people.

By joining these groups, events or forums, you can raise awareness of specific issues that affect young people, help to improve services, gain new skills and meet new people.

Activities for looked-after children and care leavers

If you're a looked-after child or a care leaver, you can get involved in our three forums, which represent specific age groups. Attend fortnightly meetings, take part in consultation events and monthly activities.

Watch the Children in Care Council video (Vimeo)

Join the Children in Care Council forums by contacting a social worker or personal adviser, or call 020 8921 6054. You can also email naomi@participationpeople.com

Board for young people with disabilities

The Action, Change and Equality (ACE) board allows young people with disabilities to explore what’s working or not working in the services they receive. This helps to shape and improve services for disabled young people.

The ACE board does this by:

  • acting as consultants for senior managers within Royal Greenwich
  • lobbying to influence change in services used by children and young people with special educational needs and disabilities
  • advocating for children and young people with special educational needs and disabilities
  • raising awareness of the rights of children and young people with special educational need and disabilities.

To get involved with ACE, call 020 8921 5681 or email ACE-youth-forum@royalgreenwich.gov.uk

Youth Hub forums

There are four youth hubs across the borough. The forums let young people discuss the youth service programme and plan projects for the local community.

Charlton Athletic Community Trust runs the Youth Hub forums in Royal Greenwich. For more information about Youth Hub forums, visit the Young Greenwich website.

Help shape services for young people - Be a Young Commissioner

Join the one year Young Commissioner programme to: 

  • help shape services in Royal Greenwich by
  • take part in research on the difference the services make
  • provide feedback on services for young people.

You'll receive training to make professional decisions on the services that young people in Royal Greenwich get.

Find out more about the Young Commissioners programme

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