Apply to hold an event

Before you complete the application form, please read all the information on this page.

We would also recommend reading the following:

Timeline and the application process

Applications for a small event with an expected attendance of up to 500, must be made with a minimum of 8 weeks' notice.

Applications for larger events with an expected attendance of over 500 people and all commercial event organisations applying to hire the Circus Field Blackheath must be made with 6 months’ notice.

We will contact you within 5 working days to confirm receipt of your application, which will then be assessed. We will check the availability, and discuss your event with other relevant Council departments.

 We will then let you know whether we approve your event (in principle) or decline your application. If approved we can then discuss your timeline and project delivery before we asses your event in full.  In order to do this, we will ask for your Event Management Plan and supporting documents.

Event Management Plan (EMP)

All events must have an EMP document. This planning document must cover every aspect of your event with full details of how you will deliver a safe and secure event.

For small/community events of under 500 in attendance, we will need to receive it a minimum of two weeks before the date of your event. For larger or commercial events, we will need your completed EMP a minimum of 5 weeks before the date of your event.

Your EMP must include:

  • Risk assessments and method statements.  Explain how the event is being carried out, what the risks are, and what steps you will be taking to mitigate these risks.
  • A detailed site map of the event location. The map should show where people will come in and out, how emergency vehicles will get in and out, and where all structures, activities, trader and welfare elements will be situated
  • A copy of your public liability insurance. There should be a minimum cover of £5 million for small/community events and £10 million for large/commercial events.
  • How you intend to keep people safe including what stewarding/security provision you will have in place and what ratio you intend to use.
  • The infrastructure you will be using (eg. gazebos, marquees, and stages), and how you will keep them safe for the duration of your event.
  • Documentation of reliable and reputable fuel contractors you are using. Diesel generators are permitted, but petrol generators are not allowed on any event sites. The use of LPG is permitted although plans for its safe storage of it must be in place. 
  • A waste plan. Demonstrate how you plan to dispose of rubbish made from your event. You must ensure all waste is taken away from the event, ideally via the Royal Borough of Greenwich waste services or a private waste company. You cannot use existing litter bins without prior agreement.
  • Consideration of the impact your event will have on the event space. 
  • Traffic and parking plans. Please note that we do not permit visitor parking on any event site or green space. Vehicles may come on for setting up and packing down but you must have a plan for event vehicle parking and all vehicle movement. You must advise all visitors to attend the event via public transport and to remind them that event parking is not provided. 
  • Details of any stall holders or traders you will be having at your event. Please note that all food traders must hold a minimum 4 * hygiene certificate. Please refer to environmental health and trading standards.


If you want to serve alcohol, or have any type of regulated entertainment such as music, dance, or performance, you will need either a premises license or for smaller events of less than 500, a Temporary Event Notice (TEN).It is your responsibility to check what you need with the licensing department.

Check what licenses you will need

Event conditions

  • You must ensure noise from any entertainment as well as the setting up and pack down of the event do not exceed 65 dba. This reading should be taken at one metre from the front of the event to the nearest noise-sensitive building. It is your responsibility to check and record this. For more information, please see Noise and Pollution.
  • You will be liable for the condition of the ground and any damage caused. You will need to cover the costs of any reinstatement if damaged.
  • No animals are to be used as part of events, including pony rides, animal demonstrations, petting farms, and dog shows.
  • Barbeques and open fires are not permitted in Royal Greenwich parks and open spaces.
  • Any rides or inflatables must have appropriate certification and insurance, and full safety plans
  • Fireworks are only permitted when managed by a reputable experienced company.
  • Political events and activities are not permitted
  • Religious or faith-based events must not hold events that promote one particular faith or proselytise.
  • Event content must be suitable for the intended audience, and not contain any discriminatory or derogatory language.


For most small, community events we do not charge a hire fee. If your event is commercial, you will need to pay a hire fee.

The amount will depend on the location and the intended size of your event. Please let us know if your event is commercial on the application form and we will provide you with pricing.

Depending on the nature of your event, we may ask for a returnable deposit. You’ll also be contractually obliged to pay for any damage caused by your event.


We’ll work with you to ensure your plans are sufficient to run a safe and successful event. You will then receive full approval from us in writing, and we’ll send you a hire agreement contract.  You will need to bring this contract and a copy your event license grant (if the event is licensable) to your event.


Please note you should not promote your event or sell tickets until you receive approval in principle.

Once approved, you can:


If you need to move or postpone your event we will try to move your booking to another date. The Council is not liable for any costs incurred should you cancel.

Apply to hold an event