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Hosting an outdoor event in our parks

Private individuals do not need approval from the Council to hold small (maximum of 30 people) informal social gatherings and private events, like picnics, within our parks, as long as they are considerate to other park users, abide by park byelaws and keep noise to an acceptable, minimum level. 

All park users must take rubbish away with them or dispose and recycle in the appropriate bins. It is not permitted to erect structures (such as gazebos or inflatables), have BBQs or set off fireworks in any of our open spaces as in our park byelaws.

Full list of park byelaws

We are unable to grant permission for formal private events, parties, weddings or larger gatherings in our parks. 

Public events

Are you planning to stage or promote an event? Why not consider doing it in a park or open space? The borough has many beautiful outdoor places that are ideal for hosting sporting and community events.

Which parks can you hire?

All council-managed parks and open spaces are available for hire.

For Greenwich Park events, contact Royal Parks. Greenwich Park is a Royal Park and not the responsibility of the Royal Borough of Greenwich.

Who can apply?

Any person, group or organisation can apply to stage an event in a park or open space.

How much does it cost?

For some community events, it's free to hire a park or open space.

For commercial hires, such as fairs, a fee applies - for more information contact the Events team.

Events we do not allow

We do not accept applications for event parking as parking is only allowed within car parks.

We do not grant formal permission for private events within our parks such as birthday parties or weddings. However you're welcome to use the space informally to have a gathering such as a picnic.

Circuses are only considered for Blackheath.

Read more about what's allowed in our parks

When to apply

Make your application as soon as you decide to use a particular park or open space. This will give you enough time in case you need to:

  • get a licence or a temporary event notice
  • make arrangements to take care of public safety during the event
  • change the location if your initial choice is not available
  • change your plans to comply with terms of the hire, if granted

How to apply

Our online form makes it quick and easy to tell us about your event. You can tell us about your event and provide information supporting your request.

Apply online to host an event in a local park

What happens next

We'll let you know our decision as soon as possible. How long this takes depends on the availability of the venue and the complexity of your request.

We may also need to contact you for further details of your event.