Creative district portraits

Discover the diversity of Woolwich and its surrounding areas through an interactive photography exhibition commissioned by the Council. The series of portraits and interviews features residents, parents, children, young people, retirees, market traders, artists and many others from across the borough.

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Many of the residents who took part were also interviewed and described where they were, what they were doing, their thoughts about Woolwich and what they think about the forthcoming Creative District. 

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Who took part

The photos were taken in a range of locations including:

  • Beresford Square Market
  • Caribbean Social Forum
  • Eaglesfield Park
  • General Gordon Square
  • Greenwich Islamic Centre
  • Hawksmoor Primary School
  • Hawksmoor Youth Club
  • Knit and Natter social club (Woolwich Centre Library)
  • Okey Cokey Nepalese and Gurkha Social Club (Woolwich Dockyard)
  • Men in Sheds (Woolwich Dockyard)
  • Mulberry Children’s Centre
  • Oxleas Woods
  • Woolwich Arsenal
  • Woolwich town centre
  • Thames-Side Studios
  • Yoruba Club (Woolwich Centre Library)

Visit the exhibition

The interactive outdoor exhibition is on display in the Woolwich Arsenal on the construction hoardings of the Woolwich Creative District around Building 19 - previously the Carriage Mounting Shop.

Building 19
Duke of Wellington Avenue
Woolwich Arsenal
SE18 6

Thank you to everyone who took part.