You can get help to set up a small business that offers care and support to older or disabled people near you.  

You do not need to have a background in care or know how to run a business. You just need to know what good care looks like to help people live well.  

We can support you to get set up in partnership with Community Catalysts. 

About community micro-enterprises 

A community micro-enterprise is where you or a group of local people can help provide personal care or support.  

These services provide personal, flexible and responsive support and care.  

The small size means they can tailor support to meet the needs of each person. They often:

  • have eight or fewer full time staff or volunteers 
  • offer services to people who need care or support 
  • are independent from larger organisations 
  • are run by local people for local people 

Benefits of becoming a community micro-enterprise 

It can help you:

  • earn money working for yourself 
  • work locally around your own life and choose your own hours 
  • set a fair rate of pay 
  • help your community 
  • meet others who are making a change in their communities 

Watch the YouTube video to find out how people from other areas have benefited from starting their own community micro-enterprise

How you get paid 

People will pay for the services your company offer. They may do this using their: 

Ideas of how your company can help people 

You can help people live independently and stay healthy by offering help at home or running activities they’d enjoy.  

You could help them:  

  • get washed and dressed 
  • cook and clean 
  • go shopping, out for meals, on trips and to activities  
  • learn life skills 
  • get a job or start volunteering  
  • with gardening 
  • with jobs around the house  

For ideas on types of support people need, visit the Greenwich Community Directory 

How to set up a community micro-enterprise 

You could run a community micro-enterprise if you: 

  • have an idea that would help older people or disabled people at home or in the community 
  • already help people and want to do more 

We are setting up a new project to help you turn your idea into a business.

We can help you: 

  • explore ideas 
  • develop your community enterprise 
  • understand regulation, training, insurance and find opportunities in the health and social care sector 
  • find other organisations who can help 

To register your interest in setting up a community micro-enterprise: 

Meeting our safety standards 

If you set up a community micro-enterprise you agree to work towards our standards of being safe, legal and sustainable for the support you offer in your community. 

You will need to provide documentation with us. We encourage people who are thinking of using your services to ask to see these. 

Get support and training 

Get business advice and support 

If you join our development programme, we will signpost you to other organisations and share training resources with you.