Paying for your own care

If you have savings and capital assets of more than £23,250, you are likely to be excluded from some kinds of support. This is known as 'self-funding'. There are still ways in which we can help. We can offer you:

A care assessment

This will help us understand more about your personal circumstances and needs and allow us to talk to you about what type of support is available.

A care plan

This is something that explains what support you need. We will create it with you so that you can pass is on to the care home you choose.

Information about other options

This is important, as there are alternatives to going into a care home and we can explain what they are and talk about them. The case worker carrying out your assessment will tell you about options including:

  • sheltered housing
  • supported accommodation
  • extra care housing
  • our Shared Lives scheme
  • respite care or other community support

Advice about your health needs

We can tell you whether or not you are entitled to NHS funding for any nursing care you need in the care home or if you qualify for fully-funded NHS 'Continuing Care'.

Support with your choice

We can give you advice and information about selecting the right care home for your needs and identify the options that suit your circumstances. We can also point you towards other sources of information such as the Care Quality Commission (CQC), which provides inspection reports that can help you make an informed decision.