How the Royal Borough of Greenwich buys

We try to ensure value for money, fairness and probity in all its transactions. We therefore have a strict set of rules to abide by in our procurement activities. This section summarises the main rules and policies that would affect your dealings with us. It doesn't explain how to do it, just the rules that must be observed.

The Royal Borough follows these business principles:

  • fairness
  • honesty
  • efficiency
  • professionalism.

The Royal Borough's rules for buying

We make use of a range of methods for procuring products and services. The choice of method depends upon the type of product or service and its overall value.

The goods and services used by us are paid for with public money and so rules are in place to ensure a high level of transparency in all stages of the procurement process.

Broadly speaking the rules fall into five groups:

  • European procurement directives
  • UK legislation
  • financial regulations of the Royal Borough
  • contract and procurement rules of the Royal Borough
  • policy decisions of the Royal Borough.

What do we look for?

Purchasing decisions can be extremely complex and not confined only to price. The lowest price is not always the most suitable and may not provide the goods or service that we would want.

Examples of issues we would consider before awarding business include:

  • fitness for purpose - quality, suitability for the task to be undertaken and so on
  • delivery and availability against price
  • cost of ownership
  • whole-life costs, including spare parts, maintenance costs and projected downtime
  • on-costs - such as transport and storage
  • the cost of procurement itself
  • sustainability, environmental and corporate social responsibility.