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Submitting details of key-holders

A nuisance alarm can lead to prosecution and fines can be incurred, in addition to the additional costs of breaking into the property.

Your responsibilities

If you have an alarm in your home there are practicable steps you can take.

  • Submit the details of two key-holders to Greenwich Council
  • Ensure the alarm has a 20 minute cut-out device.

To register the key-holders, download the audible alarm guidance and key-holder registration form.

Download the form for key-holders

What happens when the alarm sounds?

When the noise team receives a complaint of a burglar alarm sounding, it tries to contact the key-holders.

They should be able to let the police into the property to check for a break-in and be able to turn it off and/or re-set the alarm or have the contact details of your alarm company. Ideally, the key-holders should live within 20 minutes of the property.

When the key-holders are unable to help, Council officers are entitled to break into the premises. Where we can do so we will disable the alarm at the sounder box on the outside wall.

After entering a property and silencing an alarm we will secure the property if necessary by changing the locks.

The Police are informed of the action we take so that owners or occupiers who return to their properties to find that we have silenced the alarm can be immediately informed of the action and the reason for it.

Report a noise nuisance