Requesting an alley gate

Alley gating is a simple measure to reduce environmental crime by erecting gates to protect alleyways and passages.

The benefits of alley gating include:

  • reduction in fear of crime
  • reduction in crime
  • prevention of dog fouling in alleys
  • reduction in fly tipping
  • reduction in rat runs
  • reduction in the cost of home insurance
  • reduction in vandalism
  • reduction in arson
  • reduction in domestic burglary
  • reduction in drug dealing
  • eradication of areas where anti social behaviour takes place
  • creation of safer play areas for children
  • creation of a safer and cleaner environment
  • improvement in community spirit by giving a sense of ownership of the alleys
  • increase in the desirability and value of properties.

How do I request an alley gate?

If you think an alley gate would be helpful in your area, speak to your local Housing Panel. You will need to form a group of people who will be responsible for the alley, and all of the neighbours who will have access to the alley will need to agree to the gates being installed.

You will also have to set up a fund to pay for the gates yourselves.