What can I expect when I use the community trigger?

When we receive your request for a review, we'll send you an acknowledgement and a reference number within five working days. 

We'll also tell you the name and contact details of an officer who will be your main contact while we deal with the case. This will be either a police officer specialising in anti-social behaviour or one of the Royal Borough of Greenwich's Community Protection Officers (the police and Royal Borough Community Protection Team work in the same office). 

Criteria for review 

We'll check the information in your request and make sure that your case qualifies under the rules for using the trigger. 

We'll send you the decision about whether your case qualifies for a review under the trigger within five working days of receiving your application. This will include details of what you can do if it doesn't qualify, and you want that decision to be reconsidered.  

If it doesn't meet the rules for a review, we'll arrange for the case to be considered at the next monthly meeting of the borough's High Harm Case Panel for anti-social behaviour, to see if there's further action that should be taken. 

Review by panel  

If your request qualifies under the trigger, we'll advise you that a panel of at least three different services will meet to review: 

  • the anti-social behaviour 

  • the action that has been taken. 

This meeting will happen within 15 working days of us receiving your application. 

The panel will always be chaired by a manager from a service that has not been involved with the case before. We'll gather as much information as possible from everyone who has been involved with the case before the panel meeting and also invite those services to attend. 

After the review  

The panel will decide whether to make any recommendations for further action to any of the services that have been involved. The panel may also make recommendations to any other public service that can help. 

The chair of the panel will notify you about any recommendations within two working days of the panel's meeting. They will also notify any services that the panel is making recommendations to. 

In law, services do not have to follow the panel's recommendations. However, they must consider them seriously and be able to provide clear reasons if they do not intend to follow them. 

When the chair informs you about the outcome of the panel's review, they will also tell you what you can do if you're unhappy with the outcome and you want it to be reconsidered. 

After the review, we'll continue to monitor the progress of the case at a monthly meeting with relevant partner services. 

Further information on how the community trigger operates