Woolwich Exchange Public Inquiry

Woolwich Exchange Public Inquiry update, Thursday 30 March 2023

Woolwich Exchange closing submissions, 24 March 2023

Woolwich Exchange Public Inquiry update, Wednesday 22 March 2023

Statement on the Woolwich Exchange stopping up order, 20 March 2023

Woolwich Exchange Public Inquiry update, Thursday 2 March 2023

The Inspector has confirmed that the Inquiry will reopen at 2pm on Wednesday 22 March 2023 at Woolwich Town Hall. The Inquiry is scheduled to run until Friday 24 March 2023.

Woolwich Exchange Compulsory Purchase Notice, 22 February 2023

On 21 February the Inquiry reconvened and the Inspector carefully considered the request from the Woolwich Landlords and Tenants Association (WLTA) for a 6-month adjournment; however, after hearing from everyone who wished to participate the Inspector considered no compelling reason was provided to support such an extension.

Therefore, after hearing all of the evidence, the Inspector has issued the following directions; 

  • By 6pm next Tuesday 28 February 2023, a representative of the WLTA must confirm to the Inspectorate: 
    • that replacement representation has been appointed to act for qualifying persons who wish to be professionally represented
    • the name and relevant contact details of those representing the qualifying persons
    • which of the qualifying persons are so represented by that professional representative;
    • the name of each qualifying person and their contact details. 
    • confirmation that each of the 9 No. witness statements previously provided by the WLTA are given by or on behalf of qualifying persons and remain relevant to the evidence they wish to present

[The Inspector has noted to the WLTA that qualifying persons are not required to retain the same professional representative and may if they choose be individually represented. The representative appointed is nevertheless to represent qualifying persons in their own capacity and not the WLTA itself which is not a body with a qualifying interest. The Inspector has also noted that there is no opportunity for qualifying persons to submit further written statements and they can only rely on information already submitted.]

  •  In the event that qualifying persons confirm that they do not wish to take up replacement representation or the information required above is not received by the Inspectorate by next Tuesday's deadline, the Inquiry is to resume on 7 and 8 March 2023.

 [The Inspector has noted to the WLTA that in such circumstances, if any of the qualifying persons do not return to the Inquiry, he will have regard to their written statements as submitted as part of making his decision,]

  • In the event that a representative of the WLTA confirms, by next Tuesday's deadline, that some or all of the qualifying persons still wish to be professionally represented, have appointed such representation and provides the information required (as above), then the Inquiry will instead resume on Wednesday 22 March 2023 for up to 3 days (22-24 March).    

 When the Inquiry resumes, matters to be addressed are expected to comprise/include:

  • The AA will have an opportunity to provide its response to the 9 No. written statements received from the WLTA.
  • Qualifying persons will have an opportunity to ask questions of the AA's witnesses.  
  • Evidence will be heard from any qualifying persons who wish to attend, and they may be asked questions by the AA;
  • The AA will provide further updates in respect of negotiations with other objectors.
  • The AA will present an update on the further consultation exercise relating to the proposed stopping up order and the status of any remaining objections.
  • The AA will deliver its closing statement. 

Woolwich Exchange Public Inquiry update, Wednesday 15 February 2023

The Woolwich Exchange Compulsory Purchase Order (CPO) Public Inquiry has been adjourned until Tuesday 21 February 2023, where it will resume at 10am at the Woolwich Town Hall.

The Acquiring Authority (the Council) will be in attendance at the Town Hall (Inquiry Room) from 10am to 12pm on Thursday 16 February 2023 for any existing members of the Woolwich Landlord & Tenant Association (the Association) to meet with them in order to explain arrangements for any existing members who wish to appear at the Inquiry when it resumes on Tuesday 21 February 2023 (in order for members to present their evidence and/or ask any questions of the Council’s witnesses).

If existing members of the Association have any queries regarding this message, please contact David Conboy of Newsteer on 07827 944 655 or by email at david.conboy@newsteer.co.uk.

If you have any queries about the public inquiry, please contact Charlie Hughes, Business Delivery Manager, Royal Borough of Greenwich by email: Charlie.Hughes@royalgreenwich.gov.uk

Public Inquiry

The Secretary of State has given notice of his intention to call a Public Inquiry to consider the objections to the Royal Borough of Greenwich (Woolwich Exchange) Compulsory Purchase Order 2022 ("CPO"). The Inquiry will start on Tuesday 7 February at 10am and will be held at Woolwich Town Hall, Wellington Street, Woolwich SE18 6PW.

Notice of Public Inquiry

The Inquiry will hear representations from remaining objectors (as defined in the Compulsory Purchase (Inquiries Procedure) Rules 2007), statutory objectors (as defined in the Highways (Inquiries Procedure) Rules 1994), from any other persons who have an interest in the land which is subject of the CPO and, at the Inspector's discretion, to hear representations from any other persons who may wish to appear and be heard.

A copy of the Order and the site map are available at the Woolwich Centre Library, 35 Wellington Street, Woolwich SE18 6HQ. Documents may be viewed on application during the following hours:

  • Monday: 9am to 7pm
  • Tuesday: 9am to 5.30pm
  • Wednesday: 9am to 5.30pm
  • Thursday: 9am to 7pm
  • Friday: 9am to 5.30pm  
  • Saturday: 9am to 5pm
  • Sunday: 12pm to 4pm


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