Future High Street Fund

The £675 million Future High Streets Fund is a central government initiative that aims to rejuvenate the UK’s high streets. This was launched before the COVID-19 crisis, but is now arguably more important than ever. 

Royal Greenwich is one of 101 boroughs shortlisted to submit a bid to reinvent their high streets.

The Council thinks Woolwich is in need of intervention to stimulate further private sector investment. Along with other improvements in the town, such as the new leisure centre, we want to tie in a number of developments to create a coherent plan of action for the future of the town centre.

We think the focus of the Woolwich bid will be on Beresford Square and Powis Street.

Alongside the funding, the government will make available a specialist High Streets Taskforce to provide expertise and hands-on support to local areas. Funding will be targeted at achieving:

  • investment in the physical infrastructure needed to support economic growth and supporting change of use
  • workspace development and improving the offer of the high street; invest in creating workspace around high streets in place of under-used retail units.
  • investment in digital infrastructure for business and the community
  • improvements to transport, including cycle and pedestrian access

The Royal Borough of Greenwich Council wants to tell you about our ideas, hear your views and ultimately secure your support in submitting our bid.

Key aims of our bid

Investment for business

We want more businesses to be located in Woolwich, employing people and creating economic opportunity. The bid seeks to do this by  investing in buying key buildings and  developing new workspace with first class digital infrastructure. 

We are also proposing a repurposed market and trading area.

Geographically, this will be centred on the Old Town Hall, Powis Street and Beresford Square.

Public realm improvements

We want to create an accessible space that is easy to navigate, integrating new with the old, and ensuring the new Elizabeth Line and Woolwich Works are connected to the town centre.

Woolwich’s historic, architectural and cultural heritage will be celebrated whilst we also promote the town centre.

This will be achieved by making a significant public realm investment to enhance Beresford Square and Powis Street, with improvements to key entrances, the creation of greener public spaces and links to Royal Arsenal Riverside.

Alongside these physical improvements, Woolwich town centre will also benefit from increased safety, cleanliness and events, showing the world that Woolwich is a place to enjoy and invest.

Working with the community and businesses

Take a look at the ideas displayed on our virtual exhibition board and let us know what you think and help us improve Woolwich, Beresford Square and Powis Street. Your input will help to inform the final submission of the bid at the end of June 2020.  The successful selected areas will be announced in Sept 2020.

Take our survey

As well as taking the survey, we would welcome letters of support so we can demonstrate support from local people for these ideas in the bid.

If you have any questions, please contact: Marie.O'Brien@royalgreenwich.gov.uk