Temporary structures

If you're planning to build a temporary structure, you need to notify us before starting any work.

Temporary structures include:

  • temporary buildings or structures
  • framed marquees greater than 6 metres span and pole tents greater than 30 feet span
  • flagpoles
  • scaffolding for camera platforms (outside)
  • free standing signs
  • scaffold cable supports
  • floodlight towers
  • seating observation towers and platforms
  • hoists & lifts attached to buildings
  • covered ways
  • adventure playground structures
  • stages for concerts and events (outside)
  • spectator stands
  • archway trusses
  • temporary scaffolding (not building site)
  • advertising hoardings.

You do not need to make an application for steel deck platform stages under 0.6m high, pop-up marquees under 6m span or pole tents under 9.2m (30ft) span.

You will need to send the following information with your application:

  • a block plan to a scale of at least 1:500 or as large as needed to be able to identify the situation. The intended structure or structures should be coloured red.
  • plans, sections and elevations of the proposed structure or structures to a scale of at least 1:100.
  • the north point and the scales used in the drawings.
  • the situation of adjacent buildings, roads, trees, and other features.

We will ask for other supporting documentation if larger or more complex structures are proposed.

How to give notice

Download the section 30 notice form

Send the completed form along with any additional information, to Building Control.