Faster building control approvals

Through the Royal Borough's association with Local Authority Building Control (LABC), we're able to offer many schemes to help professionals through the building control process. If you're a contractor, architect or developer, Building Control may be able to fast-track the approvals process or inspections.

Depending on how your proposals have been put together, you can choose from:

  • Full plan approvals - get approval to the whole scheme at an early stage
  • Staged approvals - stage approvals to phase with your design process. We recognise that for large complex schemes it is not always possible to submit all plans before work begins on site
  • Building Notice approvals - in some cases going straight to site under a Building Notice route.

In each case you can still be on-site and constructing within two days.

Partnership Authority Scheme

If you've developed a good working arrangement with the Royal Borough of Greenwich's Building Control, you can engage in a Partnership Authority Scheme. This allows you to have your plans approved at a location of your choice while the site inspection process remains with the local offices.

Find out more about the Partnership Authority Scheme (LABC website)