Report works without planning permission

If you suspect that works are being done locally without permission, please report it to the Planning Enforcement team.

This information is very useful to the Royal Borough and plays an important part in protecting the local environment and preventing damage to trees.

When planning rules have been broken, the Royal Borough's planning enforcement team can take action.

Breach of planning controls

Some examples of a breach of planning rules - or planning controls, as they are known - include:

  • carrying out building works without planning permission
  • carrying out building works in a way that is different from the proposal that is granted planning permission
  • failing to comply with planning conditions attached to planning permissions.

Report a breach of planning control

In your complaint, please include:

  • your name, address and contact details
  • the location of the place you are complaining about
  • a description of the breach.

What happens next?

The planning enforcement team will:

  • investigate your complaint
  • establish whether a planning control has indeed been broken
  • decide the best way to remedy the situation
  • employ a range of enforcement powers to remedy the situation.

Read our planning enforcement strategy