Report works without planning permission

If you think that works are being done locally without permission, you can report it to us.

This helps us to protect the local environment and prevent damage to trees.

When planning rules have been broken, our planning enforcement team can take action.

Breach of planning controls

Some examples of a breach of planning rules or planning controls include:

  • doing building works without planning permission
  • doing building works in a way that is different from the proposal that is granted planning permission
  • failing to comply with planning conditions attached to planning permissions

Report a possible breach of planning control

Only report a breach of planning control for properties that are in the Royal Borough of Greenwich.

Report a breach of planning control

After your report a breach 

The planning enforcement team will:

  • investigate your complaint
  • establish whether a planning control has been broken
  • decide the best way to remedy the situation
  • employ a range of enforcement powers to remedy the situation.

Read our planning enforcement strategy

Check if planning permission has been received

If you are unsure whether the development has planning permission, you can search an address to see what applications and plans have been submitted.

The lack of an application does not always mean it's unauthorised as a lot of development does not require planning permission. This is known as a Permitted Development.

Learn what developments and works need permission