Minimum sheltered housing standards guarantee

The sheltered housing team will guarantee to:

  • welcome new tenants and introduce you to others in the scheme
  • offer you a planned appointment at your convenience when you move in
  • agree with you about how you would like us to contact you
  • discuss and monitor your care needs, and represent your interests to relevant agencies
  • help you to retain your independence by arranging adaptations and support services
  • respond to emergencies and take action
  • assist all tenants with the organisation of social events
  • carry out annual benefits checks
  • hold monthly consultation meetings with tenants on matters affecting the scheme
  • keep communal areas clean
  • order repairs and follow them up on your behalf
  • provide a community alarm service to your home
  • treat any personal information about you as strictly confidential
  • treat you in a polite and helpful manner.

We will provide advice on:

  • benefits
  • local services
  • housing and other council services
  • health and safety
  • medical services
  • security
  • tenancy matters.